2014 ConCarolinas review.

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We just had a great time at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC!  The guest of honor was George R.R. Martin, and the place was packed. I want to get back in the habit of doing these recaps every time.


Top 5 experiences:

  • I was a guest on "Seriously, Dan,"  a live broad-cast every Sat. from 6pm to 8pm, WYXC 1270 out of Cartersville, GA.  I was honored to be included by show host Dan Carroll (who you might also know from his role as Director of Media Relations for DragonCon, Monsterama, and various and sundry similar products).  He's a nice, funny, and soothing personality, and I had a great time on the show. Also, turns out my "radio announcer voice" works well on actual radio (or at least was good for a laugh).  I also got to meet and interact with Scott  and Ruth Suehle and some other lovely folks
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  • Thanks to the MandalorianMercs and my booth-minion Jamie, I got to "anguish in a Mandalorian prison cell. For 20 minutes. For charity. Also, I practiced showtunes while doing so. "Sinnnngggiinn' in tha' caaaage....just Siiiiinnnnggggin' in tha' CAAAGGGEEE!  What a gloooorrrious feeeeling!" Etcetera. Ad Nauseum.  
  • Played a new game called "Tonto Cuore". If there ISN'T a version with naughty cards, there SHOULD be. (It's about owning a household of maids, and you score points for the ones you send to your chambers...sort of). Fun game though.
  • I'm gonna go with meeting Neon Pink Jesus!  He even blessed our booth for the second year in a row.  (I'm told this year he had much better nipple-guards).  If you are interested in the Gospel According to Booze, Bullets, and Hot Pink Jesus, go here; Http://www.hotpinkjesus.com  (It's a movie).  
  • The final highlight was vending with our friends who came to help staff the booth, and introducing many people to the joy of  a Dark N Stormy made with Blenheim Extra Hot Ginger Ale and Horror Infused Fiendishly Tropical Bitters.

As a vendor: Load in and out was super smooth...volunteers were on hand to help load in an out. Load in 10am morning of (for a 3pm opening) was a little more frenetic than loading in the day before, but not terrible.  Smartphone/wifi signal was strong with no hiccups.  Donated to the charity auction.

More pictures from the trip here: https://plus.google.com/photos/104119888491198424312/albums/6020507144256513905


Also; if any one in the 501st Carolina Garrison know these two Mercs, I'd love to meet 'em when they aren't handcuffing me and throwing me in a cell. :)


TL/DR  ConCarolinas was fun! 


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  • Thanks for the nice review and for being at con. Love your stuff. I must pick up a cup next year!

    Jada on

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