Innsmouth Fogcutter Collection

The Innsmouth Fogcutter tiki mug is part of a meta-narrative inspired by HP Lovecraft's story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" (you should read it if you haven't...I'll wait right here). The artifacts and ephemera I designed around an outline for a romantic tragedy set in Innsmouth. This romantic tragedy flows from fan theory; if you and your beloved were both raised knowing you were special and really would be together forever, what would happen if you couldn't be?


Geoffrey Gilman, proprietor of the Gilman House lounge, would like to welcome you.
The Kickstarter raised $20,000 in the first 50 hours, and eventually raised almost $40,000.  Rewards started shipping a month early, and more than 75% of them were mailed before the original shipping ETA, with less than 19 remaining to ship at the end of the estimated shipping window.   


These names were recovered from a badly smoke and fire damaged guest book take from behind the bullet-riddled antique bar in the lounge of the Gilman House.

AD Lazauski
Alan C. Beardsley
Alan Chisham
Alan Stoll
Alasdair Stuart
Alasdair Watson
Andrew 'Droid' Flenniken
Andrew Beirne
Andrew Magnusson
Andrew Petrozzi
Andy Campbell
Andy Jennings
Ann Moormann
Anne Lindsay
Arion Hypes
Atomic Coupe
B. Alexander Hofelich
Barbara Jarvis
Baron Von Beckmann
Ben Phillips
Bill C
Bill Hochreiter
Bill Taylor
Bill Wilson
Bob Gilmore
Bobby King
Boyd Ballard
Brandon D C Harris-Haynes
Brendan "HollyKing" Leber
Brett Abbott
Brett Bozeman
Brian Lott
Brian Platter
Bruce 'Norski' Bjortvedt
Brumley D. Pritchett Jr.
Bryan Clauser
Carl Clayton
Carol Kraemer
Cecil E. M. Ookington-Smythe
Charles Hagebusch
Chistopher Lee
Chris Goad
Chris Hales
Chris Huning
Chris Wright
Christopher 'Vulpine' Kalley
Christopher Gallo
Christopher Mangum
Christopher Nielsen
Christopher Scott
Chuck Taggart
Clan Scully
Clifford Vann Etters
Clyde Miller IV
Coach & Ayo
Collin Voyles
Corey Slate
Craig Jackson
Craig McKenzie
Cynthia Allen
D.J. Inzeo
Džefs Cin
Damon Gregory
Dan Grimaldi
Dana Sharp
Dane Winton
Daniel "Harmless" Burke
Daniel Brounstein
Daniel Laloggia
Daniel Z Black
Darick Maasen
Darla Riccetti
Darren Davis
Darrin Fesperman
Dave Freireich
David Eison
David Gummersall
David Kirkby
David Kolenda
David Kuehnert
David Mandeville
David Poore
Derek M. Wingfield
Derek Sotak
Devon West
Dom Zook & Samantha Krause
Don Randall
Douglas Charles MacLeod
Drew "Industrial Scribe" Scarr
Duane O'Brien
Dustin wright
Elena DeGarmo
Elizabeth Robinson
Emilio T. Jasso
eric priehs
Erik Yaple
Evan Ann George Schaeffer
Frank Barich
Gavril Moreno
Geoff Schaeffer
Glen Collins
Golden Goblin Press
Graham Parker
Greg Kilberger
Guy Dillon
H. Khan
Haley B-E
Heather Edmisten
Heather Frelinger
Herbert Eder
Iain Abernathy
J. Griff Griffin
J.R "Bob" Dobbs
Jaime Brown
James Burzelic
James Conolly
James Diss
James Goggin
James Jacobs
James Moon
James Traino
James Yonkman
Jamie Grimes
Jamie Grimes
Jason Alexander
Jason Daniel Myers
JD Langeland
Jeff Chapin
Jeff Orton
Jeffery Bishop
Jeffrey & Shannon Maslany
Jeffrey Konyu
Jeffrey Petersen
Jennifer Shackelford
Jens-Ejnar Stephansen
Jeremy Land
Jeremy Rhodes
Jerod M
Jesse Joe Scherer
Jessica Mastrogiovanni
Jim Kitchen
Joe Gut
Joe Hallett
Joel Pirata Mason
John Black
John Teehan
John Woehler
Jon Perez
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Peterson
Joseph Behun
Joseph Hoopman
Joseph Remy
Josh Elliott
Joshua Corbin
Joshua Normal
Justin Byrd
K J Miller
Karin Kross
Katherine Krueger
Kelli Grace Pike
Ken Crouch
Ken Labbe
Kevin Brown
Kevin Howey
Kevin S Robertson
Kevin Smith
Kraken Hunter Steve
Kurt Haslbauer
Kurt Klockau
Kurt Phillips
Kyle A. Gibson
Kyle Driscoll
Kyle J Chelius
Lady Sarah
Lara Derham
Larry Fine
Les Scurry
Lewis Evans
Liam Millar
Lorenz Thor
M. Devine
M. Hofrichter
Madeline Zamoyski
Mahalotov Cocktail
Marc A. Solondz
Margaret St. John
Mark Hopper
Mary Ijiwaru
Mathias Hansson
Matt Hill
Matt Klahn
Matt Lowe
Matt Vincent
Matthew Barrix
Matthew Carpenter
Matthew Mowczko
Matthew Plavcan
Matthew Sanderson
Matthew Schierle
Matthew Zymet
Max Kaehn
Maximüs Groves
Michael Gordon
Michael J. Contos
Michael Lively
Michael M. Kroeker
Michael Moore
Michael Powell
Michael Waltz
Mickaël PIQUET
Mike Alberghini
Mike Barton
mike biasi
Mike Mazza
Miskatonic River Valley Leatherworks
Molly Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Don Hall
Nancy Lorenzen
Neil Fusillo
Nicholas Andrew Harrell
Nicholas Candelori
Nick Detrich
Nick Fin
Nick stephen
Nick Storm
Nicolas Ruffin
Nicole Duffey
Omaq Bek
Onyx Noir
Otto Dewey
pascal forneri
Patrick Henry Downs
Paul and Ce Senft
Paul Casey
Paul Miller
Peter Trevethan
Peter W. Lenz
Peter W. Mackay
Phat Joe

Pooch Picucci
Preston Norvell
Prof. Jas. M. Stacy
Randy Yamauchi
Ray Spitz
Reverend Gregory Cooksey
Richard H. Lindhorst
Richard Hogan
Richard Rossi
Rick & Haley Blake
Rob Birnie
Rob Caple
Rob Hilerio
Rob Wadsworth
Robert Carpenter
Robert Chacko
Robert Freeborn
Robert Laurie
Robert Scott Clark
Robert-Sean Harley
Roger Beckett
Ronald Neely II
Ronald Pottol
Ross Meltz
Ross Sigworth
Rugby Mayt
Russell Smeaton
Ryan Day
S Joshua Stein
Søren Hagge
Sam Diego
Sarah E. Walter
Schaeffer Tolliver
Scott Gordon
Scott Slater
Scylla Moody
Sean Hannah
Sean Nicholls
Sean Nilan
Sean Owen
Sean Tisdale
Sergey Koptev
Sevigny Family
Shane G
Shawn "Old Man Marsh" Ervin (& guest)
Stacy Frazer
Stephanie Wagner
Steve Burnett
Steve Flack
Steve Hinck
Steven Kaye
Steven P Whittle
Susan & Joshua Bell
Susan Stark
T. Baker
T. Poultney
T.R. Fullhart
The Buckellew Family
The Klute
The Langmuir Clan
Thomas "Sarthulu" Brekke
Tiki Beeki
Tim kubista
Timothy Barnes
Timothy Mullen
Todd Graham
Tom Fox
Tom Keller
Tom Manos
tom walls
Tracer X
Tristan Oberon
Tro Rex
Wibble Nut
Will "Squamous" McCollum
William Buckley & Amy Ferrell
William Donohue
William Moss
William Moss
Zachary McCann


First and foremost, thank you to all these weird and wonderful visitors to our little corner of Innsmouth.  Geoffrey Gilman will buy you a drink the next time you drop by. 


Additionally, Jonathan M. Chaffin of Horror In Clay, would like to thank the following.

  • Most of all, thank you to my wife Allison and to our daughter for living with me in a world of boxes and again putting up with a house full of madness, and for helping pack boxes all night for 2 months.
  • To Wendy Cevola, who produced our glorious limited edition sculpture and glaze variants. 
  • To Jason Rogers of who produced the luxurious Esoteric Order of Dagon Fezzes for our happy cultists.
  • Thanks to Alex, Jamie, QJ, Becca, Heather, Cliff, and Pynk for copy-editing and general cussedness.
  • Thanks to Pauli, Hammad, Nick, Chuck, and everyone who has supported us with word and deed. This is an amazing adventure.
  • Thanks to Alan Stoll for stepping into the breach once again to record my unscripted rambling (Alan is CTO at
  • Thanks to Becca, Jamie, Cliff and Heather for giving up far too much time to try recipes and schlep lights. 
  • Thanks to Paul Senft of and "Got Rum?" magazine for consulting on how to design a rum tasting and for generally being so free with his knowledge (and liquor cabinet).
  • Thanks to the BookHouse Pub (GA), Tacoma Cabana (WA), Cane & Table (LA), Joystick Gamebar (GA) and anywhere else that still serves tiki drinks the right way: in a frosty ceramic mug. 
  • Thanks to Lorinda Dechman ( for her talent behind the camera and to Genevieve Sabine of the Vauxhall Garden Variety Players ( and Jeff Thornton ( for their talent in front of it. Also for their knowledge about civil war era culture and etiquette.