Corner-booth Blog #9 - Women In Horror Month

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I'm a bit late to a party I'm really thrilled to discover - February is Women In Horror Recognition Month! As the father of a daughter, I'd like to thank every female creative everywhere working in the horror genre in some way.  From historical writers like Mary Shelly ("Frankenstein") to modern directors like Mary Harron ("American Psycho"), women already play an active and vibrant role in horror fiction and art; this month is one chance to help recognize those contributions a little more formally, and that is awesome!

To all the female writers, artists, sculptors, podcasters, actresses and others who choose to push the boundaries and explore humanity through horror, and incidentally teach my daughter that she can do whatever she wants even if it involves "gross stuff": thank you.

There are many ways to support artists and creators; usually time and treasure goes the furthest. Just to spread the love a little further, here are some very worthwhile woman-produced horror projects being funded that I personally couldn't resist.

The Littlest Lovecraft Presents: The Dunwich Horror
Tro Rex and Eyo Bella are doing a followup to their first project (Littlest Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu). This book will be a full color, fully illustrated volume, written in verse and coming in at around 64 pages. The book should be produced in hard and softcover. Their company website is Littlest Lovecraft

Please note: this is a Kickstarter campaign; you will not be charged until the project ends)

 She Walks In Shadows Anthology

 Women do write Lovecraftian fiction. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is spearheading the effort to prove it with your support. More than a dozen female authors have gathered to write original Lovecraftiana and place it in a single volume under the title She Walks In Shadows. They seek to pay 6 cents a word to contributors. All funds go towards that goal and to other production costs: mailing prizes, design, etc. Silvia's entry about the project is here.

(Please note this is an Indigogo campaign and supporters will be charged immediately.)


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