DragonCon is Coming! 2017

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Dragon Con 2017

A quick preview of Things to come!

Last week was our "5 Years of Nightmares" anniversary celebration, but no rest for the wicked as we're heavy into prep to slay the Dragon once again.  We have a new booth set up, more mugs than ever before, and some shiny new rarities and exclusives for your feast your peepers!

Horror In Clay will be located on the 3rd floor of Americasmart Bldg2  in Booth 204

5th Anniversary Horror In Clay Mai Tai Glasses

KATZEN Pink and Teal, with 22k gold 

Our Limited Edition zombie glasses for Dragon Con!

144 of these, 72 in each color, made and currently en-route to Atlanta, GA for Dragon Con. Head to The Pop art and comics artist alley, Booth 204, to get first dibs on these Katzen Glasses.
2017 DragonCon Exclusive Katzen Zombie Glasses

Since we've already received a number of inquiries about this design, so join our mailing list if you are interested in hearing about any we may have left over after the show.


Katzen art

We're presenting a collaboration experiment between Jonathan and Allison Chaffin - Katzen series one. We will have the original 5 if the series available for sale at DragonCon. Once these sell out, we will be offering limited quantities for presale online for delivery in time for the holidays. Hope everyone enjoys this playful side of our creativity. Some will be horror-themed (Katzen of Ulthar, Katzen of the Opera, The Black Katzen) and some will be more playful pop culture or stylistic explorations.



Lots of Horror In Clay Mugs

 2017 Selection

We'll also have a selection of our most popular designs like the Innsmouth Fogcutter (in a new glaze!) and our Cthulhu tiki mug as well as our latest design additions: the Rue Morgue Dreadful Ape mug and the Pseudopod Tower mug (we only have a few of these, since we created them for Pseudopod.org!)  

Finally, we'll also have some of our 5th Anniversary Mai Tai glasses!



Find us and our gear on the 3rd floor of Americasmart Bldg2  in Booth 204 right across from SHAG. 





Jonathan will be participating in the COMICS track panel, "The Art of The Tiki" with SHAG, Derek Yaniger, and Robert Jimenez, hosted by Michael Gordon of "Tiki Zombie".
Sunday, 11:30 AM.  (WESTIN, Chastain i-j ) 

Horror In Clay will also have a display at the Museum of Alternate History in the Alternate History track rooms; (SHERATON, Athens)

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