DragonCon 2017 Recap

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DragonCon 2017 was a massive success and a great time for us!  
Some of the highlights:

Thank you! to our friends Lori, Rob, and Lily (not pictured but much appreciated) who helped us keep the booth running smoothly! And thank you as always to people like Thom, Jesse, Mike, and the Comics track who kept us all moving in the right direction. Thank you to Q and Liz of the Alt History track for including Horror In Clay in the 
Museum of Alternate History.



"The Art of the Tiki" panel was standing room only and turning people away. Hopefully that means there will be more tiki programing (maybe a 101 and 201 panels) in the future!  Derek Yaniger, SHAG, Robert Jimenez, Michael Gordon and I were thoroughly entertaining if I do say so my self (but don't take my word for it..there is video. When It surfaces I'll link it here. ETA Mid Sept).



Our Katzen con exclusive glasses were so popular they sold out well before the end of the convention.  They were so popular we are offering them in another colorway (Halloween Orange & 22k Gold and Midnight Black & 22k gold) for Halloween.


We hate missing all the fun and costumery that is DragonCon, so this year we ran a Beachcomber photo scavenger hunt from the booth.  With 10 teams participating and 50 challenges to find, we were constantly thrilled to vicariously experience the show.  

Our winning teams were

1st place: Tasteful Sidecock

2nd place: Bunch of Assholes

3rd place: Hei Tiki. 
All won Fabulous Prizes! (and taught us not to let geeks name things)

Below are some of their pictures. Can you guess what they were looking for?

A larger gallery is here

It was a thrill to be on a panel with SHAG. If you're are interested in a Horror In Clay tapa print shirt, you can get one here.

If you are interested in making your own shirt or dress out of either our Tropigoth Tapa or Katzen fabric, check out our Spoonflower store here. 

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