Cask of Amontillado Barrel Mug Kickstarter

The Cask of Amontillado Barrel mug is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's eponymous story "The Cask of Amontillado," one of my all time favorites. (You should read it if you haven't...I'll wait right here). The artifacts and ephemera I designed around exploring Poe's love for cryptography and typefaces associated with the region in Spain where Amontillado is made and French and Italianate features. Other works by Poe make cameos throughout the mug.


These names are inscribed in brass beside the door in the "Singe Affreaux" and commemorate those who helped the brothers restore the bar.




Additionally, Jonathan M. Chaffin of Horror In Clay, would like to thank the following.

• Most of all, thank you to my wife Allison and to our daughter who are pretty used to this "living with boxes of ceramics" thing, and who are going to have to live with me in a world of boxes again if this works. Also to all of you lovely people who love this stuff the way I do.

A LOT of folks collaborated to make this project the most intricate I've ever done.

• My pal Andrew Bones collaborated with me to design Montressor's "Bauta" style carnival mask. A carnival mask suitable for wearing or display that is sturdy, that fits my huge noggin, and that I can wear whilst drinking a rumbustion from a barrel mug? Sign me up! Andrew (who goes by "Bones" loves to make monsters! He's worked at a fine art bronze casting foundry for 10 years, so he works on art all day 24/7.  

 • Rob Hawes is a talented ceramicist in Hawaii who does the best deluxe wood-grain glazes I know. He's graciously agreed to handing the production of variant glaze editions for the Cask of Amontillado Barrel Mug. Rob is a trained Graphic Designer (CSU Chico) with a studio art minor. 

 • Justing "DeTiki" Tanner - Justin is a wicked talented carver and fellow Witco collector.  One of the awesome things DeLand Tiki creates are custom bar boxes.  Since the concept of this mug calls to mind old crates and barrels I wanted to get some funky woodgrain going, and DeTiki fits the bill to a "T". 

• Paul Pape specializes in the design and fabrication of custom collectibles; I first saw his decoder ring design because a couple that received one as a promo had it recreated IN GOLD.  The quality, function, and look is THAT GOOD. He also creates damn near anything using modeling, CNC, and other techniques. 

• To Pauli, who is one of my staunch supporters from the beginning of this mad journey. (He's also willing to don a certain mask and Elvis costume on my behalf from time to time, and plays with the Vauxhall Garden Variety Players). 

• To Josh Perez, for helping me put together the video!  Josh is a designer, and is also a YouTube producer and videographer. 

• To Carol, for cartographic assistance and for being an awesome minion.

• To Alex, Jamie, and Pynk for copy-editing and general cussedness. 

• To Jason Alexander of Tacoma Cabana and Matt "Cocktailwonk" Pietrek for most excellent notes on the cocktail for this mug!

• Thanks to the BookHouse Pub and anywhere else that still serves tiki drinks the right way: in a frosty ceramic mug.