Horror-In-Chief: Chillinghast's Dark Lantern

Posted by Allison Chaffin on

Our "Don't Settle for the Lesser Evil" campaign has ended.  Professor Chillinghast's Dark Lantern has won.  As promised, Horror In Clay will be donating a portion of sales (matched in part by Netherworld Haunted House) to Scares That Care (the charity chosen by YOUR votes).  All told, we raised almost $300 to help Scares That Care!


Candidate Chillinghast's Dark Lantern
Motto "A shiny silver dollar on every eye"
Taxonomy undead artifact
Alignment Neutral Evil
You have to keep them wet with blood.
Scares That Care

(For those just joining us, here's the what and why behind the "Lesser Evil" campaign.)


Politics; can't escape em. Frankly, while vitally important, I need a break sometimes. HorrorInClay.com has decided to do some good. $2 from every sale in April will go to charity.  Choose your favorite monster party platform to choose which charity benefits!  Check will be written May 1.  ***UPDATE*** Our friends at Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta are MATCHING $2 from each Chillinghast Dark Lantern sold in April!


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