April Fools' Tiki Mystery MugCrate!

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 The April Fools' Tiki Mystery MugCrate: Get the Mutant You Crave!


 *Items shown are examples only.            


Get Your MugCrate!

Order by midnight EST April 18th to receive our April Fools' Tiki Mystery Mugcrate!

Box will contain:

• randomly selected "Mutant*" Horror In Clay mug

• an exclusive April Fools' Horror In Clay sticker

• an assortment of goodies that may include stickers, swizzles, coins, Horror Infused bitters, artwork, coasters, recipe cards

* a "Mutant" mug may have a small glaze defect, some "soft" features, or a small chip that doesn't affect drinking

For a Limited Time we are offering some of our "Mutant" Tiki mugs by mail. These mugs are the same quality as our normal Tiki mugs, but with a little more personality! 

What's In A Mystery MugCrate?

It’s a mystery! We guarantee it will contain at least one “Mutant” Horror In Clay Tiki mug, and at least one sticker created especially for this event. It’ll also contain an assortment of swizzles, matchbooks, coins, art, sketches, prototypes, and all manner of things that have accumulated around here. Box contents will vary.  Video below if you want a few more examples.

What do you mean, a "Mutant" Mug? Is this trash?

NOPE! Not trash! After almost 5 years of working with ceramics, picking them up, putting them down, and quality checking and rechecking, we were bound to have a few mugs with a little more personality than usual. They might have a birthmark, glaze wart, thick glaze, minor chip, or other slight defect that makes them unique. They may be ultra dark, or super light. Text might be a little wonky in places.  These mugs are high fired and safe for drinking, but for one reason or another we’ve chosen to hold them back rather than sell them for full price…until now!  Great for drinking and carrying around, if you tend to keep your best mugs shelved!

What about all this other stuff? 

Rather than throw away extra Pickman's Cove matchbooks, or approximately 9,000 Cask of Amontillado Mardi Gras beads, or bitters with torn labels, we're going to put them in these mystery boxes.  For $25, we're pretty sure you'll be happy with what you get! 

$25 - GET YOUR MugCrate!



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