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Party Like a Cephalopod!

"Beware the Alumni, for they have squids in their heads" is a phrase you'll hear if you hang around me long enough.  (I'll explain some other time).  Well, the squid in the head of my friend Mr. Kleef is fond of math. And rum.  And he wanted to throw a party for all his friends who bought the Horror In Clay.  Logistically, there were a few things to consider:

How to scale the recipe for the signature cocktail up to monster-sized?  


How to tell one mug from another?


We decided to share a little of the legwork he did to make a wonderful Lovecraftian Luau come to hideous undying life. 


How to make 5 gallons of Cthulhu Waits Dreaming


You'll Need:

Gold Rum 160oz

Dark Rum 20oz

Brandy   40oz

Absinthe  1.67oz <OR> 10 tsp

Cinnamon Syrup 40oz

Orgeat Syrup   40oz

White Grapefruit Juice 140oz

Fresh lemon juice 60oz

Bitters  8.34oz

Oh so many bitters.


Also poured in maybe 1/3 of a 20lb bag of ice.



The Shopping List

3 x 1.75L bottle Appleton Jamaica Rum [Special]

1 x 1.75L bottle Coruba Dark Rum (sub Meyers)

1 x 1.75L bottle Paul Masson Grande Amber (sub whatever)  

1 x 0.75L bottle Absinthe

2 x 0.75L bottle Collins Orgeat Syrup

3 half-gallon White Grapefruit bottles

1 x 10 Oz bottle Angostura Bitters 

3 of the 2-cup cinn. syrup mix (handmade at 1c sugar, 1c water, 3 sticks)

Juice of 40 lemons (at 1.5 oz per lemon <OR> 60 oz fresh squeezed = buy 4 pints)


You will need to juice more than twice this many lemons. You will feel every nick, cut, scrape, and tear on your hands.


Don't forget the salt-water rinse!

A few tea spoons of sea salt in a casserole dish full of water to brine/rinse your mug in first (just ladle in some salt water, rinse, and pour out.)

So. You have all the social lubricant anyone could ask for.  You have a bunch of like minded tiki freaks, horror fans, and freaky freaks all hanging out. Everyone brought their mug.  All the mugs are the same. How to tell them apart?


You could glue googly eyes on them like this fellow:

Which I don't recommend.


Or you could order a bunch of rubber bands designed to tell beer bottles apart (or LiveStrong bracelets, or whatever) and sharpies.  This is a pretty entertaining option, and worked well.  I recommend it anywhere you go where you need a nametag for your tiki mug.


Whatever you do, have fun!  More on decorating your Cthulhu fete later. If you have your own events around our products, I'd LOVE to hear about them and see pictures! 'Til then, enjoy your Horror In Clay gear!



An extra special thanks to Mr. Kleef and Lucky for hosting this awesome event! Thanks guys! All the best.





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