Inuhele 2022 Garnish Phoenix Mug

  • $150.00


Mysterious Inuhele Island abounds with all manner of wonderous things. Their avian diversity is particularly amazing, with birds and birbs of all flavours roaming the skies. While the volcano is home to a giant firey bird of prey, the little garnish phoenixes build nests of cinnamon all over the island and dance and play in the sparks of 1000 small fires."

The colorful Jungle Birbs and Birbs of Paradise  "Garnish Phoenix" mugs from Inuhele: Atanta's Tiki Weekend were so popular they sold out waaaay faster than anticipated. We didn't want to dilute the numbered edition by making more, but are offering an open edition of the sculpt in a"stone" version. (Wood is sold out)  

Open edition. Limit 2 per household. 

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