Chillinghast's Dark Lantern Tiki Mug, Series 1 - bone

  • $75.00

Chillinghast's Dark Lantern Tiki Mug.   This listing is for the BROWN variant, normally available only onsite at Netherworld Haunted House. 

The Collector strides through the hideous darkness, amidst the forgotten tombs of scores. His Dark Lantern, filled with the spirits of the dead, is raised high...clutched fast in decaying fingers.  Eyes lambent, the nightmare's visage lights with the ghost of a smile, or at least with the gleam of teeth and bone through tattered cheeks. 

The Dark Lantern is 16 oz of Terror-Filled Tiki Mug inspired by “THE COLLECTOR,” one of the ghastly icon characters from NETHERWORLD; a world class dark attraction in Atlanta, GA. Join us as we explore the world of this cadaverous fiend with a hints and history card, custom cocktail, coasters, and a matching glow in the dark swizzle stick!

Also check out the matching "Spirits of the Dead" glow-in-the-dark long sleeve black shirt.

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