Innsmouth Fogcutter Tiki Mug, series 2 open edition - purple-wiped

  • $100.00


The Innsmouth Fogcutter Tiki Mug is a large original tiki mug is inspired by HP Lovecraft's story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" (you should read it if you haven't...I'll wait right here). Back? Good! This mug is designed as if used in the Gilman House hotel lounge and bears the location stamp of infamous Innsmouth, Mass.  Great for proving that you, yes YOU, walk the dark roads less travelled and booze it up with Things best left to the imagination.  The open edition is in the 8.5" neighborhood, holds about 24 oz, and features a wiped-off purple glaze and semi-gloss overcoat. (Because it is hand-wiped, there will be slight variation, making each mug unique!)  The sculpt itself features an Esoteric Order of Dagon logo, the transformation of a woman into an aquatic horror, and even a call-back to our Cthulhu Tiki Mug. (You can see dread Cthulhlu lurking down in sunken R'yleth).  

Measures around 8.5”, purple, and holds approximately 24 oz. Comes with a special Hints and History cocktail recipe card.

Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Possibly volcano-safe too.

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Stay tuned to and @CthulhuMug for information.

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