Inuhele 2023 Garnish Cobra Snek Mug

  • $175.00

SHIPPING NOW! NOTE: Random selection of colors

Mysterious Inuhele Island abounds with all manner of wonderous things. GIANT sneks and cobras roam the volcanic jungles. Visitors to the island who survive an encounter with the larger beasts must still be way of smaller versions disguised in the citrus trees that run wild. 

The colorful Lemon and Orange Snek "Garnish Cobra" mugs from Inuhele: Atanta's Tiki Weekend were really popular. We have about 13 left, numbered. Snake color and citrus color is assorted but contrasts. We have orange snek with pierced lemon, yellow snek with pierced orange, and one or two mysteries included!

Limited edition. Limit 1 per household. 

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