"Pick Yer Poison" 15oz Zombie glass -

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Hello again! What is the difference between a tiki bar and a beach bar? 
Stand here with me, in the shade beneath the palm tree line at edge of the coast. Before you, the bright sand, beach, and surf. Breezy and carefree! The beach bar. Behind us; the jungle...dark, mysterious, impenetrable. Full of the lurking unknown. In those hidden mysterious depths; that's where we'll find our tiki bar...

AVAILABLE In Purple & Green or Orange & Black (not shown)!
These 15oz zombie glasses celebrate some of the dangers and adventures you can find lurking in your favorite tiki bar.  Swordfights (albeit with little plastic neon ones)! Dangerous animals! Pointy darts!

3 dots and a dash signal for help, while from another angle you can watch your fiendish concoction bubble over! 

Poison Dart

Recipe from Pete Baddour & Jonathan Chaffin (Thanks Pete!)

2 oz - Anejo or Mezcal Tequila
1 oz - Fresh Lime Juice
1 oz - “Hot” Ginger Beer
2 Tbsp - “Poison” Syrup
Serve in chimney or zombie glass
Fill w/crushed ice and swizzle.
Top with Ginger beer to watch potion foam!
Garnish with cherries skewered on a Dart

Horror In Clay Poison Syrup.

Honey, crushed cherries, cherry preserve, cinnamon

Heat 2 Tbsp of honey and Tbsp of water in the
microwave until liquid.  Add 1/4 Tbsp of cinnamon. 
Add a dollop of cherry preserves and  3-4 crushed
cherries to taste.  Reheat in the microwave and stir. 

Originally designed for Mugcrate; Allison Chaffin's quarterly tiki mug experience box.

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