Inuhele 2019 Papua New Guinea Kundu Mug

  • $85.00

This year's mug is in the style of a Papua New Guinea kundu (drum) mug, but customized for our cocktail journey. The Kundu is the voice of the ancestors. The handle, rather than a traditional PNG bird, is a diving phoenix, symbolising Atlanta and akin to the spirit that lives in volcanic Mount Inuhele.  Around the mug we see the Savage Lime, and scenes of danger from the giant squid and octopus infested reefs and the dreaded caves where the Volcano Worshippers hang out.  The finished mug has the event date and the 4 names of this years Homebars around the base; The Six Feet Under Tiki Lounge, DunTiki, The Tonkinese Terrace, & The Enchanted Treehouse. 

 Numbered - randomly packed.

Mug concept by Jonathan M. Chaffin, sculpt by Pat Vassar, and mould and manufacture by Eekum Bookum

Sign up here for details on the 2020 Inuhele Homebar Tour and 2020 Atlanta Tiki Weekend. 

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