2020 Inuhele Mai Tai glasses

  • $15.00

PICKUP ON SITE ONLY UNTIL AFTER 3-8. Only available at Inuhele until after then.   

Inuhele (n): A Cocktail Journey

We are producing Inuhele: Atlanta's Tiki Weekend March 6-8! Get your tickets now!  

This handsome 3 color mai tai glass features a pair of Haka Cherries on their Banana Outrigger, and the Doleful Pineapple Princess (kin to our Grumpy Pineapple)!  Available in both banana* and cool colorways, proudly produced in the USA.

*(we call the colors Early, Breakfast, & Bread or Daiquiri) 

The drums are pounding again, out across the water, but here in the lagoon who knows what we'll encounter. Jellyfish, sea serpents. Our intrepid cheeful cherries from the eastern slopes will guide us through the lagoon and cove on  this year's Inuhele as we trek towards the fearsome volcano at the center of the island.

Next we encounter....the Doleful pineapple princess and her mighty sea serpent, but never fear, she has a sweet side. 

Above the jungle canopy rises the majestic Inuhele Volcano. Worshiped by dark wild folk, the fierce craigs are home to all manner of fearsome denizens and huge birds. 

The volcano itself is host to a spirit of fire, flame and sparks...a huge spectral Phoenix which rises when the volcano is feeling fiery.

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