Antiqued Deep One Golden Challenge Coin

Antiqued Deep One Golden Challenge Coin

  • $10.00

Found off Devil Reef, this coin bears witness to the existence of fearsome cities in the illimitable depths.  Inscribed with a paen to Y'ha-nthlei and her aquatic denizens and featuring the mark of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, this token could grant passage to fearsome locales and mysteries unknowable. 

Antiqued Brass, not actual gold...but gorgeous!  1.5 inches in diameter, thick and heaver. These custom challenge coins start with a brilliant golden brass coin that is chemically aged to build up a rich oxidized coating which accentuates the fine details. This coin shows Y'ha-nthlei and the symbol for the Esoteric Oorder of Dagon as well as an inscription in Rylethian, and on the obverse shows a closeup of the Horror In Clay tiki-Cthulhu mark and url.


Not to be confused with the gold, anodized aluminum version of the coin that comes with some of our gift sets.


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