Inuhele2023 TipsyCrafting Class - Making an Orchid Lei with Sew Cute And Quirky

  • $25.00

Inuhele; Atlanta's Tiki Weekend, features a Tipsy Crafting Track.

These are free and low cost instructional classes available for attendees of Inuhele: Atlanta's Tiki Weekend; you must have a ticket to Inuhele to participate. 

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Pre-registration: Required
Price: $25 Class size: 35

Saturday 10am - 11am

INSTRUCTOR: Brianna of  Sew Cute And Quirky 

Learn to make a Hawaiian fresh flower orchid lei.  This class will teach you how to make a flower lei.  While learning to make your lei, you will learn about its cultural significance in Hawaii and the many celebrations associated with it.  Take your flower lei with you and wear it with your Aloha attire.  This class will be taught by Brianna Roberts.  

Brianna is showing art at Inuhele 2023 and you can see examples of her work here: