Inuhele2022 TipsyCrafting Class - Aged Bar Signs (Two Part Class)

  • $35.00

Inuhele; Atlanta's Tiki Weekend, features a Tipsy Crafting Track.

These are free and low cost instructional classes available for attendees of Inuhele; you must have a ticket to Inuhele to participate. 

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Pre-registration: Required Price: $35 Class size: 25 When: Part 1 - Friday 3:00 - 4:00 pm            Part 2 - Saturday 10:30 - 11:30am

Join East Coast Tiki Bar Designer and Builder Typhoon Tommy as we make Mug shelves! In the 2 day class Tom Allsmiller, AKA Typhoon Tommy, will teach you his Scenic painting tricks to make your own Adventureland inspired Jungle Navigation Co. Sign!  Hang it on your wall or make it into a mug shelf! Each aged shelf will be 4"x30" and prefect for any Tiki Bar!

Typhoon Tommy is a former Universal Creative Scenic Artist in Orlando Florida. During his 10 + year career he has worked on projects for theme parks and various museums and restaurants across the country. Most notably the Harry Potter parks across the world. He is now a full time Home and Commercial bar Designer and Fabricator. His previous projects include The Suffering Bastard in Sanford and most recently Tahiti Gil’s Mananui AirBnB in Kissimmee!  His love of creating and painting fits perfectly with his love of the Tiki Culture and History. He will be going over scenic and aging techniques in this 2 day class where each guest will make their own aged Jungle Navigation Co. sign for their home bar!

IG @typhoon_tommy