Inuhele2020 TipsyCrafting Class - FLAUNTING FLAMINGO PAINTING

  • $10.00

Inuhele; Atlanta's Tiki Weekend, features a Tipsy Crafting Track.

These are free and low cost instructional classes available for attendees of Inuhele; you must have a ticket to Inuhele to participate. 

"Purchase" tickets here and you will receive a confirmation email and be added to the class roster.

Details on the convention here.
Tickets can be purchased directly here.

Pre-registration: REQUIRED Price: $10 Class size: 35 When: Saturday 9-10:30am
Come and have some fun painting your flaunting flamingo! We will be using an 8 x 10 canvas and acrylic paints. I will be guiding you step by step as we paint our masterpiece!
Business woman by day, avid crafter and artist by…well, weekends. Kelly has been crafting since she first learned to make art out of beans in the second grade. Combine that with being a Tiki enthusiast, and here we are. Macramé is a new craft she has immersed herself into, and painting has been a hobby as well as professional job, teaching on weekends at Outside the Lines studio in Dawsonville, Georgia.

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