Inuhele2020 TipsyCrafting Class - FAB HAIR FLOWERS & HEAD FAUNA

Inuhele2020 TipsyCrafting Class - FAB HAIR FLOWERS & HEAD FAUNA

  • $3.00

Inuhele; Atlanta's Tiki Weekend, features a Tipsy Crafting Track.

These are free and low cost instructional classes available for attendees of Inuhele; you must have a ticket to Inuhele to participate. 

"Purchase" tickets here and you will receive a confirmation email and be added to the class roster.

Details on the convention here.
Tickets can be purchased directly here.

Pre-registration: REQUIRED Price: $3 Class size: 35 When: Friday 5-6:30
Come learn how to create the perfect hairpiece for any outfit. We will choose flowers and assemble the perfect piece for your weekend. You will never have to wonder where to buy fabulous foliage again when you can make it yourself
Jupiter Jones is completely out of this world, with her quirky personality and ever changing hair, she will certainly keep you on your toes. She began her pinup modeling career in 2008 with Pinup Cosmetics, her alternative look has been featured in several pinup magazines as well as Inked Magazine. Miss Jone's vibe ranges from funky 60's, to tropical tiki, and a little cutting edge modern pinup style. She is an avid supporter of the vintage and tiki community and is well known for her work with the historic Mai Kai Polynesian in Ft. Lauderdale, you can catch her at the Mai Kai hosting her "Retro Rekindled" events. She is often described as bright and bubbly, and knows how to keep her audience comfortable and entertained. Jupiter above all else is an avid traveler, in fact you may have even caught a glimpse of her on her way to her next convention!

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