Hyperborean edition Horror In Clay Cthulhu Tiki Mug - white and glacial blue

  • $45.00

Hyperborean edition Horror In Clay Cthulhu Tiki Mug is produced in just 480 pieces. 

Reminiscent of frozen wastes and submerged glaciers hiding unknowable secrets, this icy-blue wiped glazed version of our Cthulhu tiki mug is sure to thrill.  Different from the greenish debased carving from the swamps of Louisiana, this Hyporborean version hails from the frozen wastes, where "Eskimo diabolist" cults revere Cthulhu as Torngarsuk, and Ithaquaa and wendigo haunt the winds...drink, and be granted visions akin to those of the Sybil of Polarion.

oh my fiery feet. oh my fiery feet of fire. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu! 

  • Measures around 7.5” tall
  • Holds approximately 16 oz.
  • All new Hyperborean themed "Hints & History" cocktail recipe card.
  • Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Possibly glacier and volcano-safe too.
  • A new glaze for the original Cthulhu tiki mug featured in Rue Morgue magazine "Needful Things" (2012), Fangoria.com "Toy of Terror" (2015), and Gearfuse "Geek Gift Must Have" (2013)

Stay tuned to http://www.facebook.com/horrorinclay and @CthulhuMug for information.


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