2016 Cthulhu GruesomeTwosome Giftsets
2016 Cthulhu GruesomeTwosome Giftsets Horror In Clay 2 mug Gruesome Twosome Giftset 2016 Cthulhu GruesomeTwosome Giftsets
Always two there will be.  A master and an apprentice.  Or a couple.  Or someone dead set on having BOTH HANDS full of Tiki mugs.  Either way, have a little bit extra on us for your deep devotion.  A pair of coasters (so you can see both sides at once maybe) and a nice fist full of swizzles.  Wait, both hands will be full of mugs.  Maybe you have three hands...
Set Includes either:
Mixed Cthulhu GruesomeTwosome Giftset
Identical Cthulhu GruesomeTwosome Giftset
  • 2 Cthulhu Tiki Mugs
    (one green, one blue-white)
  • 1 Cthulhu Sticker
  • 2 "Pickman's Cove" Coasters
  • 1 "Gilman House" Coasters
  • Fistful o' Swizzles 
  • 2 Cthulhu Tiki Mugs
    (either green or blue-white)
  • 1 Cthulhu Sticker
  • 2 "Gilman House" Coasters
  • 2 Aluminum Deep One Coins
  • Fistful o' Swizzles 


    This official Horror In Clay giftset is a 15% discount over purchasing a la carte and includes exclusive items not available elsewhere!