Full color Rue Morgue Dreadful Ape, 2017 Red/Gold eye limited edition batch 2

  • $200.00

This entry is for a stunning multi-color version of our Rue Morgue Dreadful Ape mug.
We only make a few of these a year; each batch will have it's own listing. 

These were hand-glazed for me by John Mulder in a mixture of glazes.

II 3/4 & II 4/4 available 


The Rue Morgue Dreadful Ape tiki mug is our second tiki mug is inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe. 

The open edition is in the 6.5" neighborhood, holds about 16 oz, and features a wiped-off bloody crimson glaze in a gloss finish. (Because it is hand-wiped, there will be slight variation, making each mug unique!)   


Measures about 6.5” high.  The wiped finish enhances the stunning details.  Comes with a special Hints and History cocktail recipe card.

Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Possibly volcano-safe too.

Stay tuned to http://www.facebook.com/horrorinclay and @CthulhuMug for information.