"Ember Katzen" 15oz Zombie glass - Cherry Red & Caution Orange

  • $15.00

Regrettably, we can not have our exclusive colorways of the Katzen glasses at DragonCon this year...but you can still add to your collection!  

This year, we are dedicating the glasses to out two tiki bar cats, Figmint & Ember.

This listing is for the "Ember" variant.  

Like Ember's namesake, this glass is brilliant flaming cherry red and florescent orange.  Ember herself is a 1/2 Tabby 1/2 Tortiseshell and is lovely shades of grey, orange, tan, black, and white. 

Please note: this year's Katzen glasses DO NOT have 24K gold, and are printed in two colors of bright ink. "Ember" is Cherry red and florescent orange.

You can order Ember's companion, Figmint, here!

These glasses are really cute. These 15oz midcentury inspired Katzen glasses are part of a series. Shipping beginning of Oct. 1 or sooner.


There is a matching fabric available in our Spoonflower store....



"Katzen" are a collaboration experiment between Jonathan and Allison Chaffin.  Hope everyone enjoys this playful side of our creativity. Some will be horror-themed (Katzen of Ulthar, Katzen of the Opera, The Black Katzen) and some will be more playful pop culture or stylistic explorations.

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