Rue Morgue Dreadful Ape Cut-throat Straight Razor

  • $50.00


During restoration work during the construction of "Au Singe Affreux," the Dreadful Ape Absinthe Bar, the new owners unearthed this curious shaving razor lodged beside a drainage pipe.

Our shaving razor is perfect for display or for your daily ablutions! (Though you should use's sharp!)  One side depicts the ape itself, and the   

"To explain what is not real, or does not exist," this razor features a decorative design that the astute can use to locate the infamous Rue Morgue around the time of Poe's writing.  A great gift to pair with our Dreadful Ape tiki mug.   

Varnished, cherry wood handle, engraved and handle-assembled in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ships unsharpened, though caution is still recommended.