Horror Infused: Fiendishly Tropical Bitters 1oz dropper bottle- Transform your cocktail!

  • $13.13

It was a dark and stormy night...heavy on the dark rum. Our webbed fingers mixed flavours and spices until we dredged up the perfect ones to bring your tropical drink ALIVE! A unique blend of spices makes a gloriously non-euclidean bitters; the perfect compliment to your Horror In Clay Tiki mugs!

Our first flavour, Fiendishly Tropical Bitters, has a spicy flavour profile redolent of molasses, grapefruit, allspice, cinnamon, and vanilla.

  • 1 oz. Bottle Capacity (30ml)
  • 39% Alcohol by Volume
  • Handcrafted, Small-Batch production

    Good in any recipe that calls for aromatic bitters, but we specifically fine tuned it to compliment a Dark and Stormy, a fine demerera highball, or a double scoop'a vanilla ice creme and peaches. 


    We're all about cocktails[1], and about helping you host a perfectly unique night for yourself or whoever you happen to dig up. We partnered with Bittercube (who make my other favourite small-batch bitters[2]) to come up with a unique flavour profile for our first entry into the cocktail additives market.  

    Back in the pre-prohibition days, a bar was known for it's bitters as well as it's signature drinks (indeed, the bitters were a crucial component).  We thought it only fitting that our signature drinking vessels from Pickman's Cove and the Gilman House lounge had complimentary bitters of their own. 


    [1] From Wikipedia - By 1806, American publications referenced the popularity of a new preparation termed cocktail, which was described as a combination of “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters." - That's right kiddies....if it don't got bitters in it, it ain't a cocktail. ^/|\^


     [2] From Bittercube.com - Bittercube Bitters utilize spirits from Yahara Bay Distillers. The bitters are created by hand, peeling hundreds of pounds of citrus, weighing dozens of spices, and decorticating vanilla beans, among other time consuming tasks! Bittercube Bitters do not use any extracts or oils, but only “raw” ingredients. 




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