Tropical Horror Tapa Print shirt 1 (Lovecraft Poe Hawaiian shirt)

Tropical Horror Tapa Print shirt 1 (Lovecraft Poe Hawaiian shirt)

  • $99.00


Interested in a Horror In Clay tapa print shirt? 

Bespoke shirts made in my Lovecraftian and Poe #Tropicgoth Tapa fabric.  The print features references to Deep Ones, Cthulhu, The Pit and The Pendulum, Murders in the Rue Morgue, the Cats of Ulthar, and more, with Elder Signs for extra protection. 

These shirts are 100% Made in America, with fabric from North Carolina, tags from Illinois, and design and production in Seattle and Atlanta.


This is an experiment with "Horrors In Thread".  The first round of bespoke shirts has been ordered.  There are a few extra, and a waiting list.

If demand remains strong I will look into an additional full production run and an ongoing manufactured version of the shirt.

Two matched pockets. 

The print will be slight smaller on the production version; this one is scaled up to account for the 4xlt size.


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